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LIT Waco presents it's First Annual CenTex Teen Book Fest on the Brazos.

Representing award-winning authors from across the states, students are encouraged to grab a book and learn about the creative process behind an experienced writer


What is LIT Waco?

Literacy Intervention Team (LIT) will provide youth, young adults, and their families with the tools needed to find the path to literacy!

Founded in 2015, the organization's initiatives prioritize character growth, aiming to transform underprivileged individuals from within. LIT Waco offers comprehensive support for struggling youth and young adults, fostering self-confidence, healthy lifestyles, sound judgment, and strong character. Their goal is to empower every person they serve with the skills and guidance to positively impact both themselves and their communities.

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Our Mission

Continuing their faith-driven work, Keith and Tracy felt the urge to combine their skill sets to formulate their non-profit, LIT Waco. Since 2015, the couple has provided books and resources to hundreds of Waco students. One of their goals is to provide a stable foundation for incoming college students with the Forever Young Scholarship Fund. This scholarship honors Waco High Student Sakyra Young, who unfortunately passed away from domestic violence. Mr. and Mrs. Guillory partnered with the Wells Family to provide over $5,000 in scholar funding. Extremely blessed to provide for their community, LIT Waco continues to supply literacy skills and finacial resources to the youth of Waco.

We Need Your Support Today!

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